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Our Internship Programme

Internships offer students a hands on opportunity to work in their desired field. They learn how their course of study applies to the real world and build a valuable experience that makes them stronger candidates for jobs after Graduation & Post Graduation. Pakistan Met Department, Flood Forecasting Division, Lahore facilitate the students of different Colleges & Universities in the following fields so that they can get maximum knowledge and build a valuable experience that makes them stronger researcher & candidate for a suitable job in future. there are a variety of benefits a student can gain from participating in an internship. In this regards PMD Unit Flood Forecasting Division Lahore playing a major role to provide Internship environment (Unpaid & No Accomodation facilities) from colleges & Universities and Departments.


Colleges & Universities enrolled with us.


You will have apportunities to learn about

Forecasting Section

Weather Coding Chart Plotting Chart Analysis

Mr. Akhtar Mahmood & Duty officer

GIS Lab (IT Center)

GIS Forecasting Models (FEWS & IFAS) Chart Analysis

Mr. Saqib Hussain & Mr. Usman Ali

Engineering Section

Doppler Weather Surveillance Radar Automatic Weather Station Radio Sounding Weather Studio

Duty Incharge

Pilot Balloon Observatory (PBO)

Surface Data Reading Upper Air Data Reading Synoptic Data Decoding

Duty Incharge

Seismic Monitoring Centre

Introduction to seismology Causes of earth quake Mitigation and relief Hazard analysis

Duty Incharge

Hydrology Section

Telemetric Data Reading Discharge Data Reading Wireless Data Collection

Duty Incharge


Frequently Asked Questions

Answer Internship is offered for minimum 2 weeks and maximum 6 weeks.

Answer Selected candidates will get an email for further processing.

Answer A representative from FFD Lahore will make a phone call on the number provided by candidate.

Answer No stipend or salary.

Answer No accommodation/transportation shall be provided.

Answer Certificate shall be dispatched at candidate’s home address after one month of successful completion of his/her internship.


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