FFD Dashboard

Flood Forecasting Dashboard is interface of comprehensive overview of FFD data from different sources. It is useful for useful for monitoring, measuring, and analyzing relevant data in key areas. FFD dashboard is composed of following seven sections

Section 1: Catchment Forecast

Catchment forecast section location at top most. This section contains the prediction of atmospheric conditions for the Upper Catchments of major rivers of Pakistan. This section is updated daily between 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM or when there is a condition in the basin that changes abruptly and is not covered in the forecast

Section 2: Satellite Images

Satellite Images section contains latest satellite images with focused on Asia. FY2G

Section 3: Hydrological data

Hydrological data section is located on middle of page, under catchment forecast section. This section contains the latest values from river points received from multiple sources (WAPDA, Irrigation and Police department).

Section 4: Meteorological data

Meteorological data section is located on right of page, under catchment forecast section. This section contained the current synoptic situation within the country. Pakistan meteorological Department has 114 observatories all over Pakistan. The current synoptic data (Pressure Change, Maximum Temperature, Minimum Temperature, Humidity, and Visibility), is use to interpolate over whole Pakistan by using GIS IDW and Kriging interpolation technique.

Section 5: Bulletins and Warnings

This section is located right below section 2. Contains lattest bulletins and warnings issues from Flood Forecasting Division Lahore. This section contains current status of reservoir Tarbela and Mangla and water availability forecast during the Rabi and Kharif Seasons.


This section is located right below section 4. This section contains precipitation forecast from WRF, GFS, ICON model.

Section 7: Current Weather Section

This section is location on bottom most of the page. This section contains the latest meteorological parameters of cities.

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22 July 2024
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